Light of the Vine

Our family gathered clusters of white, green, red and purple grapes from our garden. The luminosity and the lusciousness was fascinating as the sun created a beautiful spectrum of colors. This evoked anticipation of the delightful, juicy flavors we were about to experience. Capturing the beauty of the grapes in the sunlight brought feelings of gratitude for the bountiful harvest and I reflected upon the miracle of creation that makes it possible.

Compassionate Christ

Jesus Christ lived his life for each of us and the look in His eyes helps us feel His complete understanding and acceptance. It is as if we would ask Him to stay yet a little longer with us. The warm sepia tones in the painting reflect the firelight setting as He contemplates His earthly journey. May we individually and personally feel the love of a divinely caring, comforting, and Compassionate Christ.

Jesus Heals

There are times in our lives when we wonder what it will be like to meet The Savior. This painting helps us visualize that moment. He is the great healer and His hands are outstretched in acceptance to heal us. During His ministry He healed many with the touch of His hands. Through His gospel He is ready to heal you.

Poinsettia Passion

Jane’s poinsettia was sitting in her kitchen catching the sunlight on the colorful leaves. I wanted to capture the incredible palette of reds with a “splash” of color the moment I saw it. Now this is one of my favorite paintings.

Jesus Smiles Love

Heaven is a place of joy and happiness.  When we see Jesus again His smile will radiate His joy and His love for us.

Daffodil Duet

My daughter is an amazing gardener. She planted these daffodils on our terrace which are so vibrant in the sunshine. They remind me of my beautiful daughter and also the promise of springtime.

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