Daffodils and Violets

Daffodils and violets cheer up the day with dashes of color and sunshine! My friend, Gloria, grew these flowers in her garden and arranged them in the white basket. Then she generously sent them my way so they could brighten up my canvas.

Sunlit Bouquet

My son and I had an extra day at Bear Lake after the other family members had gone home. He painted a golden field with late autumn trees and I found an idea in a book which inspired me to paint in a style that was “quick and loose’. Both of us painted into the wee hours of the morning and were pleased with our creations. I will always treasure those moments with my son.

Delicious Fruit

I loved how the sunlight through my kitchen window enhanced the colorful arrangement of fruit in the basket. I tried to capture the vibrancy it resonated in this great collection of delicious fruit.

The Highest Mountain

Mount Borah is the highest mountain in my home state of Idaho. This painting is symbolic of our lives. First, we travel on a road which may turn in unexpected directions and we can’t see around the curve. Then our journey may cause us to descend into the valley of shadows. As we continue in faith on the journey of our lives, and use all of our determination and courage to go on, we advance upward to the highest peak where we see our challenges from a new perspective.

Teton Cathedrals

I grew up a few hours away from the Grand Tetons and have always loved these majestic mountains. I especially liked the palette of colors in this painting with lavenders and blues in this winter scene.

Moraine Lake, Canada

One of the most beautiful places on earth is in the Canadian Rockies. The deep aqua blue Moraine Lake is found in the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park. We walked across logs and climbed rugged rocks to get the grand view for the painting.