Tropical Sunset

The original painting is 4 feet by 6 feet and is painted in very vivid colors. The sunset reflects across the peaceful ocean as the soft breeze whispers through the palm trees. It’s a place where we can cast our cares away and relax with the rhythm of the gentle ocean waves.

Colorful Sunset Seascape

The first time I went to Hawaii I was captivated by the colorful sunsets. I saw waves like I had never seen before so it was fascinating and fun to bring all the beautiful elements of nature into a colorful seascape.

Teton Reflections

After taking a workshop with a gifted landscape artist, I was motivated to paint something bigger than the smaller renditions we had done on site. This unique viewpoint shows only the lower portion of the mountains with the higher peaks reflected in the water at Schwabacher Landing outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Joseph the Guardian

Jesus was Joseph’s “adopted” Son. Joseph represents all the fathers and caregivers of those who are not their natural children while they love and care for them as their own.

The Colors of Love

The love of the Savior extends to all children around the world. My friend’s adopted baby was the model for the child and the model for Jesus was found by a “chance” encounter at a store. My 10-year-old daughter told me not to talk to him because he was a “stranger” but I felt impressed to do it, and now, he’s not a stranger any more.

My Peace I Give Unto You

Jesus gave us His promise of peace if we will come unto Him. (This appears on the cover of a book-with the same title- based on the true story of a young girl’s near-death experience, being comforted in the arms of the Savior.)