The title of this painting, “Enlightened”, has a double entendre, or dual meaning. First, the light is coming from the sun, or symbolically, the Son, both giving life. Secondly, the book reflects light onto the face of the reader who also receives “light” as spiritual insights in her search for truth and knowledge.

Remembering the Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks bring back memories of summers and grandmothers. These were growing along Ford’s fence in Wallsburg, Utah. The Pine trees add a deep background to the colorful focal point as the delphiniums, asters and cosmos accent the delightful, summer scene.

Poppy Fields of Mantua

My friend, Karen, and I took what we thought was a wrong turn and found a magical place. Two deer bounded across the meadow and the Russian Olive trees cast their shadows over large fields splashed with poppies. My hand was dwarfed when placed next to the largest poppies I’ve ever seen. What a magnificent vista!

Red Maple Leaves

In the autumn we rode a motorcycle through a canyon to a place where the maple leaves were blazing with reds, oranges and golds. I climbed down the hillside to capture a perfect cluster of these magnificent leaves.

Yellow Green Maple Leaves

When we were visiting our friend RaeAnn’s house, I spotted the maple tree in her front yard. The autumn sunlight was coming through the leaves in an unbelievable glow of lemon yellow-green. I found the perfect section of leaves and tried to capture their splendor.

French Roses

Elegant roses adorn this perfect setting as the sun magnifies their natural beauty.