He Restoreth My Soul

My daughter posed for this painting which portrays the peace that can come from the simple and beautiful moments in our every day lives. Sometimes it may even be the calm in the midst of the storm. (See additional story) Psalms 23 says “…He restoreth my soul”.

Beside Still Waters

My daughter was five when we visited Bear Lake. It had been a difficult time for our family due to health challenges of our infant twins. The time we spent near the lake helped to renew us and we were reminded of the scripture in Psalm 23 where it says “He leadeth me beside the still waters…”

Sunshine and Sails

This impressionistic painting of my niece represents a time when daydreaming of sailboats going to distant places, building sand castles, and catching the gentle wind, highlighted carefree summer days.

Puppy Love

Our first love, our dear pets; never judging, always listening, always loving us. Thanks to my niece who was a beautiful model for this painting.

Pot and Pitcher

I feel this painting has a little more of an “old world” flavor. The copper pot, porcelain pitcher, and ceramic dish presented fun textures to paint. It was more unique for me to use bread and pears as an accent instead of flowers. I like the larger strokes as well in this reminder of past memories.

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