E x p r e s s i o n s  of  L i f e

Music Composed by Kendra P. Burton Copyright © 1990 – 2012 Kendra P. Burton

Expressions of Life is a collection of songs that tell life’s story. We all experience love, hope, trials, and family. These songs express those times in our lives through words enhanced by music. Feel life’s love, challenges, and joy through these inspirational sounds and wonderful voices.

The Homeland
– Music: Kendra P. Burton

Several years ago when I was composing the song “The Homeland”, I wanted it to take the listener back to another time, to a place where one’s soul could connect with the past and with those who have gone before us. We have all benefited because courageous men and women sought to build a better world for future generations. They have given us the gifts of life and of freedom. And now, even recently, we have been challenged to defend these gifts. We greatly admire the valiant men and women of our own generation, who so nobly go before us extending freedom for ourselves and others. This song is also dedicated to them with gratitude and appreciation as we reflect upon “The Homeland”.

Mother’s Music Box
– Music: Kendra P. Burton

This song takes me back to a time when my mother would open a box that had been carefully stored up high in the closet. A family treasure would appear, a music box. Even though it had been silent, when it was wound, precious and delicate music would fill the air and give us a sense of joy and love.

Refiner’s Fire
– Music: Kendra P. Burton, Vocal: Becky Beesley Brown, Words: Copyright © 2001 Kendra P. Burton

This song expresses my experience of dealing with and understanding the challenges of caring for our handicapped daughter and her death. There is a higher purpose in life’s challenges if we will be open to the message.

Come Unto Christ
– Music: Kendra P. Burton, Vocal: Kendra P. Burton, Words: Copyright © 2000 Winifred B. Eyring

A friend of mine, Winifred, presented a poem that I thought had an essential message for all who love and worship Christ.

Remembering Love
– Music: Kendra P. Burton

This song reminded me of a time when the sun was setting, warm waves were gently washing up on the beach, and I was in the arms of the one I love.

Into His Arms
– Music: Kendra P. Burton, Vocal: Jennifer Gabriel Peacock, Words: Copyright © 1999

Jennifer Gabriel Peacock Jennifer was dating a person whose life was heading in a different direction than hers and she longed to be able to help him see the importance to following the Savior. With her powerful voice and words, she captures the feelings one has for those who take another path.

A Witness to Mother’s Love
– Music: Kendra P. Burton, Vocal: David G. Burton, Words: Copyright © 1999 David G. Burton

When my husband moved away from home he would call his mother on the phone to visit. During her life, for a time, she raised her seven children on her own. Over the years they were able to spend less and less time together. One of these phone calls she said to my husband, “I don’t get to see you much and it seems like I don’t hardly know you.” He replied, “you know me mom, I’ve grown to become the man you taught me to be.”

Live In Peace
– Music: Kendra P. Burton

As I would compose music my daughter would crawl under the piano to listen and would often fall asleep. On one of these occasions, concerned that I might wake her, I played this gentle song to lull her peacefully to sleep.

Ye Have Done It Unto Me
– Music: Kendra P. Burton, Words: Matthew 25: 31- 40 (KJV)

I feel that the Savior’s words, in Matthew 25, summarize our mission and purpose on this earth to be like Him and live like He lived.

A Special Love
– Music: Kendra P. Burton, Vocal: Kendra P. Burton, Words: Copyright © 2003

Candie Williams Candie was adopted and has adopted. With this song she helps the birth mother understand the gift that her sacrifice is giving to grateful parents and a grateful child by overcoming her own feelings and doing what she feels is the best for her child.

– Music: Kendra P. Burton, Vocal: Sarah Burton, Words: Copyright © 1990 Eileen Christensen

Eileen expresses beautifully the thoughts and feelings of both the handicapped child and the parents in her poem Dreams. Kendra composed music to Eileen’s beautiful words. The sheet music, words, and CD for this song can be obtained from Eileen. (Click here for more information about this song)

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