Kendra Burton- Favorites

This page contains links to various messages, issues, and web sites that are important to me and have touched my life in some way.

Art About Adoption
-Adoptive parents have found some of my art work helpful in building bridges in “blended” families.

Value Of A Life Message
-Eulogy to our disabled daughter Rachel, those with disabilities, and all who wonder “why?”

Welcome to Holland
-This article explains wonderfully the transition that can take place as one realizes that though life did not turn out as planned it can be as good or better than hoped.

For Rachel
-The feelings a parent feels when they first find out that they will have a handicapped child are described perfectly in this poem.

Kendra Burton Photography
-Favorite Photography of Kendra’s.

Web Sites

Sally DeFord Music
-Spiritual music is a positive force in life.  I appreciate what Sally has done in taking standard hymns and making beautiful arrangements that have brought joy to many.

Compassionate Friends
-The loss of a child is one of those experiences where knowing others who have already been there, and are available to talk to, can help significantly. The national organization Compassionate Friends makes this connection possible.

Families Supporting Adoption (FSA)
-FSA is wonderful organization dedicated to bringing those who are trying to adopt and birth mothers together to help the child.

The Effect of Color
-The Effect of Color is a presentation about how different colors effect how we feel and perceive life around us. It was created with a presentation tool called Prezi. You experience this topic by exploring the mind of Leonardo da Vinci. Enjoy…

Living Essentials- KBYU
-This link takes you to a program that I was on giving people information to help them deal with Grief and Loss. (Once you are linked to the Living Essentials page enter the words “Grief Loss” in the search site box and you will be shown a list of programs where you can select the Grief & Loss program that I was on.

American Mothers Incorporated (AMI)
-AMI is a dedicated force to strengthen the moral and spiritual foundations of the family and the home. They promote and support the role of motherhood and importance of strong families through recognition, training, and advocacy.