Kendra Burton- Photography

This picture was taken at the Crisp Point Lighthouse in Michigan just as the sun was setting on the horizon. There was a gentle breeze blowing that made the skirt sway and flow around my legs. My husband said that this was his favorite picture from our trip and he wants me to paint it in the near future.

Directly in front and below the Grand Hotel is a large lawn area featuring a swimming pool, gazebo, and fountain. This expansive grassy field lead you to thoughts of care free days spent visiting with family and friends free of the hustle and bustle that consumes our modern lives today.

A garden area is located in front of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Michigan. This is the Hotel that was the locale for the movie Somewhere In Time. No motorized vehicles, cars, or trucks are allowed on the island, only horse drawn carriages, and bicycles. It is absolutely beautiful. The day was bright and sunny. The arch of the tree provided a artistic background for this photograph.

The Grand Hotel is the most prominent landmark on Mackinaw Island . It has a turn of century elegance that reminds you of a day and age of ladies and gentleman. The porch runs the entire length of the front of the hotel for a distance the length of three football fields.

Crisp Point Lighthouse, Michigan is classic in every way that the mind can imagine. It is located 20 miles off the main highway on a remote shore providing guidance and protection to lost and floundering ships with the waves breaking against the rocks that line the shore. There are no other humans or civilization for miles and miles away. Many sleepless hours, and even days, were spent by loved ones of sea going sailors waiting and hoping for a safe return once again.

The pillars in front of the Grand Hotel give the Hotel its grand look of prominent stature and strength. They provide a artistic backdrop to the flowing feminine clothing of the day.

Mackinaw Island has many Victorian era homes that are well cared for. You are transported back in time as you walk through the neighborhoods that have many of these classic homes.

At the end of the day, when the waters calm, Crisp Point Lighthouse, Michigan is captured in a glowing silhouette of stunning gold, lavender, and violet colors. The natural beauty is breathtaking providing solitude and peace.